The Team

The Team

Founded in 2007 after Dan and Kendra graduated from the Hallmark Institute of Photography, Lightshed Photography Studio initially opened its doors in Peabody, Massachusetts, In just a few years, they relocated to Salem, Massachusetts, expanding from a two-person team to four. Today, our studio proudly provides a diverse range of photography services, with each photographer specializing in their unique area of expertise.

Dan St. John

Dan manages a multifaceted role at Lightshed Photography Studio, where he divides his time between business operations and on-location photography work specializing in PR and real estate photography across Greater Boston. Dan takes charge of overseeing Lightshed’s B2B operations. His passion lies in collaborating individually with clients, crafting refined and impactful media marketing tools encompassing real estate photography, social media video content, headshot photography, and more, tailored to suit the unique needs of any industry or individual.

Kendra St. John

Kendra, as a seasoned and passionate photographer, dedicated to crafting exquisite fine art maternity, newborn, and family portraits. With over 15 years of experience, she not only excels in her technical expertise but also takes immense pride in her unique ability to create, heirloom-quality artwork that truly captures the essence of her clients’ cherished moments.


Michelle excels in both headshot and real estate photography, seamlessly managing headshot sessions while also providing essential support to Dan and Kendra during on-location shoots. One of her greatest passions in the world of portrait and real estate photography is the opportunity to connect with people from various walks of life. Michelle firmly believes that a friendly and approachable demeanor plays a crucial role in helping clients feel comfortable and self-assured throughout their sessions.